American Akita ($USKITA) is here to bring back the American Dream. We are a decentralized community driven cryptocurrency with built-in automated rewards for its holders. Keeping holding USKITA in your wallet, and watch the amount increase over time!


$USKITA Generates Yield By Applying A 2% Tax To Every Transaction Is Instantly Distributed Among Token Holders.


100% Community Owned With ZERO Team Tokens. Ensuring Safety From Market Manipulation For All Investors. YOU run the show!


The Community Is Updated & Involved At Every Turn Through Telegram & Each Social Platform $USKITA is on.



In Less Than 7 Days, $USKITA Has Grown From 0 Holders To Over 3,000 Strong - This Is Only The Beginning.


$USKITA Isn't Waiting Around For A Moonshot. We Are Actively Working On Making It Happen With Social Media Marketing, Close Work With Graphic Designers, & Cameos With Celebrities.


Our Team Provides Constant Support Through Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, & Telegram.


Joining The Telegram Is The Best Way To Ensure You Know Exactly What's Going On & What Were Doing To Take $USKITA To The Next Level.



1. Install MetaMask

Go to metamask.io and install the internet browser extension. Follow the steps from their guide to get set up

2. Send ETH to Metamask

You can either buy ETH through Metamask or deposit ETH directly to your Metamask address using another exchange or wallet.

3. Connect to Uniswap

Go to app.uniswap.org and find the "Connect" button to connect your Metamask wallet to Uniswap.

4. Swap your ETH for $USKITA

Now you can swap your ETH for $USKITA. Add the ETH amount and the current $USKITA amount will be calculated. Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the swap box and set your slippage to 2-3% ( 4-5% in times of high trading activity) Click on "Swap"- a metamask window will pop up. click edit, advanced and set your gas number 20-100 numbers higher than what is there. Approve the transaction!

5. MOON!

Strap in and enjoy the ride! Don't forget our telegram is open for discussion, updates, and chatting amongst other holders!

Road Map

Road Map

American Akita was launched in early May 2021 and is aiming to become one of the fastest growing meme dog coins on the Ethereum Network. Join us on this journey today.

Phase 1

New Logo
Website Launch
Deploy Smart Contract
Fair Launch on Uniswap
2000 Telegram Members
1000 Holders
Establish Marketing Fund
$10M Market Cap

Phase 2

CoinGecko Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
Marketing Campaign
$10k Marketing Fund
5,000 Holders
5,000 Telegram Members
$25M Market Cap
Whitepaper Released

Phase 3

CEX Listing
Announce Strategic Influential Advisor
10,000 Holders
20,000 Telegram Members
NFT Creation w/Rewards
$50M Market Cap
Prepare for Smart Contract Audit

Phase 4

More CEX Listings
25,000 Holders
$200M Market Cap
Team of Influential Advisors
Smart Contract Audit

Phase 5

50,000 Holders
$500M Market Cap
NFT Marketplace
Launch of USKITA Swap

Phase 6

100,000+ Holders
$1B Market Cap
Charity Campaign
Staking and Liquidity Pools
Mobile dAPP Development

Current Phase

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